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Composers A - H


Bach, C.P.E.

  • Sonata for Harp


Bach, J.S.

  • Various pieces including Partita No.1, arr. Rayan Forrerro, and movements from violin partitas arr. Grandjany


Beamish, Sally

  • Awuya


Cardon, Jean-Baptiste

  • Sonata in F minor


Debussy, Claude

  •  La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin

  •  Premiere Arabesque


Dello Joio, Norman

  • Bagatelles for Harp


Delmas, Marc

  • Priere


Fauré, Gabriel

  • Impromptu


Francisque, Antoine, arr. Grandjany

  • Pavane et Bransles


Gershwin, George

  • Themes from An American in Paris and Rhapsody in Blue

  • The Man I Love


Gliere, Reinhold

  • Impromptu


Glinka, Mikhail

  • Nocturne

  • The Lark


Godefroid, Félix

  • Etude de Concert  


Hasselmans, Alphonse

  •  La Source


Henshall, Dalwyn

  • Three Welsh Dances


Hindemith, Paul

  •  Sonata for Harp​​

Composers L - Z

Lizotte, Caroline

  • Suite Galactique


Mathias, William

  • Three Improvisations


Parish Alvars, Elias

  •  Introduction and Variations on an air of Bellini’s Norma


Patterson, Paul

  • Spiders


Pierné, Gabriel

  •  Impromptu Caprice


Prokofiev, Sergei

  • Prelude op.12, no.7


Respighi, Ottorino, arr. Grandjany

  •  Siciliana


Sancan, Pierre

  •  Theme et Variations


Scarlatti, Domenico

  •  Sonata in F Major K78 L75

  •  Sonata in F Minor K466 L118


Schafer, Raymond Murray

  • Ariadne’s Dream and Dance of the Bull, from The Crown of Ariadne


Smetana, Bedřich, arr. Trnecek

  •  Themes on The Moldau


Spohr, Louis

  •  Fantasie in C Minor


Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, arr. Keune

  • Fantasie on themes from Eugene Onegin


Thomas, John

  •  Watching the Wheat


Tournier, Marcel

  • Feerie - Prelude et Danse

  • Vers La Source dans le Bois


Zabel, Albert

  • Concert Etude in Eb


Harp and Flute

Alwyn, William

  •  Niades, fantasy sonata for flute and harp

Bizet, Georges, arr. Walther

  •  Entracte from Carmen Act 3

Fauré, Gabriel

  • Berceuse for Flute and Harp

  • Sicilienne

  • Morceau de Concours

Handel, George Friedrich

  • Sonata in B flat for recorder and continuo


Ibert, Jacques

  • Entr’acte


Jongen, Joseph

  •  Danse Lente


Liebermann, Lowell

  •  Sonata for Flute and Harp


Piazzolla, Lowell

  • Histoire du Tango


Rota, Nino

  •  Sonata for flute and harp


Saariaho, Kaija, arr. Dauntry and Hoitenga

  • Tocar


Scott, Andy

  •  Sonata for Flute and Harp


Takemitsu, Toru

  •  Toward the Sea III for alto flute and harp

Harp Trio

Bax, Arnold

  •  Elegiac Trio for flute, viola and harp


Davis, Don

  •  Slam Ahead for flute, viola and harp


Debussy, Claude

  •  Sonate for flute, viola and harp


Mathias, William

  •  Zodiac Trio for flute, viola and harp

Harp and Brass

Koetsier, Jan

  • Sonata for Horn and Harp


Padding, Martijn

  • Schumann’s Last Procession (for Contrabass Trombone and Harp)


Harp and Choir

Bernstein, Leonard

  • Chichester Psalms


Britten, Benjamin

  • Ceremony of Carols


Brahms, Johannes

  • Four Songs for Female Choir, Two Horns and Harp


Fauré, Gabriel. arr. Hill

  • Requiem (for choir, violin, cello, harp and organ)


Harp Quintet

Roussel, Albert

  • Serenade for flute, string trio and harp


Harp Ensemble

Bissil, Richard

  •  Four Dance Sketches for harp quartet


Davies, Gareth

  •  Welsh Fantasy for harp quartet


Greenaway, Gavin

  • Il Falco Bianco for harp quartet

  • Leaves are Dancing for harp quartet


Patterson, Paul

  •  Avian Arabesques for harp quartet


Thomas, John

  •  Grand Duet for two harps

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